We make compliance easy

We utilise our live dataset to produce software that monitors agent portfolios for compliance 24/7, helps value buy-to-let properties accurately and exposes rogue landlords.

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What we do

Protecting your business against fines has never been easier

Using Kamma will protect your business, reduce operational costs and ensure that tenants are living in safe homes.

  • £9,872,455

    Total fines in participating London boroughs publicly published since Dec 2017.

  • £100,000

    The largest single fine against a landlord for failing to comply with regulations.

  • £167,000

    The largest single fine against an agent for failing to comply with regulations.

  • £4,794

    The average amount for fines against agents failing to comply with regulations.

* The Mayor of London's rogue agent and landlord database tracks fines in the capital.

Making the data relevant

How it works

We transform complex, chaotic and disparate information, into ordered, consistent and centralised datasets. We leverage this to create clean and user-friendly products that give straight-forward information to a variety of industries.

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    Data collected and cleaned

    Our army of bots trawl multiple sources on a daily basis, searching for changes to the architecture of property licensing, wherever they are announced. We gather data and information in the myriad formats in which it is released, clean it and aggregate into a central orderly database.

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    Data mapped and reconciled

    Having amalgamated and cleaned the data, our system geographically maps it across the UK. We simultaneously map our clients' properties or portfolios and reconcile the two data sources to determine compliance requirements and status.

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    Priority rated

    Having cross referenced datasets, our system assigns priority ratings to every property in our system helping clients to prioritise and roadmap their workload. As data and information is added to the platform, we ensure that those properties requiring attention are always highlighted.

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    Results presented

    While the back-end machinery works behind the scenes to bring organisation to diversity and complexity, the front-end is designed for simplicity, presenting instant, clear and accurate information to users.

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Property licensing has never been more complicated. We make sure that compliance has never been more simple

Property licensing is continually changing. Our software tracks the law and your properties, helping ensure you avoid fines.

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