Buy-to-Let Due Diligence, Driven by Data

BTL transactions can fail because important information is not readily available. Kamma puts critical data instantly and effortlessly at your fingertips.
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For conveyancers

Buy-to-let transactions are more complicated to complete than normal transactions. Leverage Kamma's data and tech to gain instant licensing and Article 4 requirements for any property across the UK. Our platform allows Property Licensing and Article 4 information to be obtained upfront, ensuring no costly surprises later in the process.

Faster completions

Upfront property licensing and planning information enables quicker valuation instructions and reduces PVQs for your lender

Clients informed upfront

Licence and HMO planning requirements can be costly for clients and impact forecasted yields

Reduce rejected applications

Lenders have strict lending policies based on the property's Article 4 and property licensing requirements

Instant accurate answers

No more long phone calls to the council. Kamma provides you with definitive answers on licensing and planning in seconds

How it works

Kamma Checker is designed to be complex behind the scenes, but clean and intuitive for users. We transform the complex into the straight forward.

Data collected

Our army of bots search for new information and data on a daily basis, covering official portals, press releases and industry news sources ensuring we never miss a thing

Data cleaned

Data arrives in myriad messy formats. Our system cleans these data sources before transforming them into a single consistent format

Data reconciled

When a property is added to the system, we reconcile this with our central aggregated data set to examine the licensing and planning status of that property

Data mapped

With detailed information about your property to hand, this is mapped to illustrate the property’s status visually

Priority Rated

Each property is assigned a numerical priority rating according to its risk level in licensing terms ensuring users can immediately assess riskiness

Results visualised

Property configuration analysis
See at a glance how the occupancy configuration of a property affects its licensing requirements

Instant licensing determination per property
Receive instant clear determinations of the licensing schemes the property falls into

Export summary
Export this information to insert straight into a valuation report

We know that Property Licensing is diverse, complex, and ever-changing, causing a huge compliance burden. We leverage data and tech to provide automatic answers.

Our platform can be used by anyone who needs to identify which laws and regulations apply - from a single property to a whole region.
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