Kamma SFTP Server

Published 23rd June 2023

What is SFTP?

SFTP is a secure network protocol, short for Secure File Transfer Protocol or SSH File Transfer Protocol that allows our customers to upload data to the Kamma Platform over a safe, secure and encrypted network connection via the public internet.

Setup and Onboarding

Access to the Kamma SFTP Server is blocked to the public internet and our firewall is configured to only allow connections from registered customers. To allow us to set up our firewall for your use, we will require the IP v4 address(es) of the system(s) you will be using to connect to the Kamma SFTP Server. Please note that currently we do not support IPv6 networking.

Our customer support team will work with you to define a template spreadsheet for your data. This template must be used when creating data to upload to the Kamma SFTP Server. Please do not make any changes to the order, naming or case of the column headings as this will cause the upload to fail validation and be rejected.

Upon completion of onboarding our customer support team will provide you with your SFTP credentials, which consist of two parts :-

  1. SFTP username
  2. SFTP private key file

Both of these credentials will be required to access the Kamma SFTP Server and they are case sensitive; please keep a safe record of them and do not share with anyone else. If you lose one or more of your SFTP credentials please contact Kamma customer support.

Acessing the Kamma SFTP Server

The Kamma SFTP Server can be accessed from the command prompt using the Windows command prompt or PowerShell, the macOS terminal or the Linux shell using the following command :-

sftp -i <path to your SFTP private key> <your SFTP username>@sftp.kammadata.com

Alternatively a range of graphical SFTP clients are available :-

Please note that these graphical clients are not endorsed by Kamma and are provided for your information only. For support with such a client, please contact your own IT support team.

Data files should only be uploaded to the properties folder of your SFTP account.

Frequently Asked Questions

How secure is the Kamma SFTP Server?

The Kamma SFTP Server encrypts the network connection using the same encryption that is used to protect web site visitors such as for online banking. Most SSL certificates use TLS 2048-bit encryption and the Kamma SFTP Server uses TLS 3072-bit encryption.

Can I use FTP instead of SFTP?

FTP is an insecure and unencrypted version of SFTP; this is not supported by Kamma.

How do I use SFTP to upload files?

The process of uploading files to the Kamma SFTP Server will vary according to the client being used to access the service. Please see the documentation for the client being used. Additionally the following online guides may be helpful :-

Will you be supporting SFTP over IP v6?

We currently have no plans to support IP v6 within the Kamma platform.

The Kamma SFTP Server is blocked by my firewall, what do I do?

SFTP uses IP v4 port 22 to establish a secure network connection. Your firewall may need to be configured to allow access to this port and to the Kamma SFTP server at sftp.kammadata.com.

Revision History

This is version 2.0 of this guide.


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