Making rentals safer for everyone

Kamma was founded on the principle that no tenant should ever have to live in unsafe accommodation again

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Because good homes are a right, not a privilege.

We believe everyone deserves to live in a safe home. That’s why we help agents and landlords comply with the law and we help local authorities identify non-compliant landlords and properties.

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The Kamma Community

Our values

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    Resilience & innovation propel growth

    We accept that on the path to extraordinary achievement we will encounter challenges, disappointment and setbacks. Accepting this fact sets a foundation of resilience which allows us to innovate, even in the face of failure. At Kamma, we know that immense mountains lie ahead of us, but the belief in our destination allows us to not only surmount them, but use them to propel us and soar to greater personal and professional heights.

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    Team first, ego last

    Together as a community we achieve awesome things. Collaboration is the most rewarding way of working and ultimately transcends what is individually achievable. We recognise that sustainable greatness is only achieved through a connected team collaborating successfully and we recognise the destructive power of ego. We know that the best way to turn that idea into a sustainable enterprise is by putting the team first and egos last - leveraging collective genius is the way forward.

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    Courage in everything we do

    At Kamma we dare greatly and we choose courage over comfort every time. Courage is innately present in how we work, whether it’s in openly committing to an ambitious goal or in showing up and leaning into the vulnerability of a hard conversation. We know that rumbling with hard conversations is an essential component of a successful, friction free and happy existence. Our ability to show up unarmored is our strength and it ensures that we continue to grow into our best version of ourselves. Our courage is absolutely key to our success both individually and collectively.

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    Passion, personality, and humour matter

    We believe that working hard should also be fun and we need to be ourselves at work. We all know how to laugh at ourselves. Our collective humour and personality bonds us together and sets us apart from other organisations in our ability to think creatively. We work together to create an environment where we can think big, have fun, and do good.

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