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"Kamma's technology has proven invaluable to us as a business, removing the need for costly manual checks and putting us fully back in control of our Property Licensing compliance. Using Kamma's platform protects Chestertons’ reputation as a market-leading agent that takes compliance seriously. Furthermore, using Kamma, we have introduced a paid-for licence application service, generating brand new additional revenue from our existing customers, while bolstering the premium service they expect from Chestertons."

Julia Lickley

Head of Property Management, Chestertons

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Making the data relevant

How it works

The Kamma platform is designed to deal with complexity behind the scenes, while providing users with a clean and intuitive interface. We transform regulatory diversity into straightforward answers.

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    Data collected

    Our army of bots search for new information and data on a daily basis, covering official portals, press releases and industry news sources ensuring we never miss a thing

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    Data cleaned

    Data arrives in myriad messy formats. Our system cleans these data sources before transforming them into a single consistent format

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    Data reconciled

    As client properties are added to the system, we reconcile them in real time with our central aggregated data set to examine the licensing and planning status of every property

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    Data mapped

    With detailed information about your individual properties to hand, we mapped your portfolio to illustrate its status visually

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    Priority rated

    Each property is assigned a numerical priority rating according to its risk level in licensing terms ensuring users can immediately assess exposure and prioritise workload across the portfolio

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    Results visualised

    Instant licensing determination per property

    Receive instant clear determinations of the licensing status of each one of your properties

    Dashboard summary

    See the status of your portfolio at a glance with aggregated dashboards

    Real time notifications to your inbox

    Stay effortlessly informed as our platform sends automated notifications when anything changes that affects any of your properties

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As a result of the current and ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, Kamma is a fully remote company; but you can always connect and get in touch with us, by phone, by email or via our Contact Us form.


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