Goodlord and Kamma announce major new partnership to combat rising risk of agent fines

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Goodlord has announced its newest integration with geospatial technology company Kamma in a keynote that unveiled a string of new product features, integrations and partnerships.

Councils have been reporting more fines than ever this year, with total fines currently measuring over £9.8 million in London alone. These fines are fuelled by a scenario of ever-changing legislation in UK property licensing, with changes to regulations approximately every 8 days in 2023. 

With over 20% of local authorities implementing additional or selective licensing, and 87% of London boroughs proposing or enforcing additional regulations, Kamma has partnered with Goodlord to protect agents in the wake of these unprecedented schemes and enforcement. 

Kamma’s goal is to solve property licensing for all agents, allowing them to focus on core business and revenue generation. This new integration with Goodlord will remove the time burden of compliance for agents, giving them complete transparency and their landlords’landlords assurance that all licensing requirements are being met. 

Through leveraging Kamma’s expertise, Goodlord has bolstered its services by offering protection against the threat of ever-changing regulations to all of its customers. Kamma’s services on Goodlord will allow agents to see which properties require which type of licence, the expiry date on current licences (which typically expire after 2-5 years), and all the key information associated with individual licences. This integration is being rolled out to all Goodlord customers at no extra cost.

The announcement of this new partnership was made during a keynote hosted by Goodlord CEO, William Reeve. The keynote unveiled the features of the enhanced Goodlord platform, dubbed Willow, which have now gone live.

Costas Frangeskou, Goodlord’s director of growth, and Orla Shields, CEO of Kamma, took to the stage to make a collective announcement of the integration.

Frangeskou said: “We’re delighted to add an integration with Kamma to the Goodlord platform. It’s going to make a difficult task much easier and more simple for agents.”

Shields added: “We’re really pleased to integrate Kamma into the Goodlord platform. It’s so easy to fall unwittingly foul of the law when it comes to licensing; it’s such a minefield, and most agents have to do this manually or leave the responsibility to the landlord. This integration will make life so much easier for agents to stay compliant.”

About Goodlord 

Goodlord is an award-winning digital platform that streamlines the entire letting process for agencies. It manages properties, ensures compliance, and maximises revenue by handling tasks from offer letters to rent collection. Trusted by over 1,500 UK agencies, Goodlord offers services such as online contract generation, tenant referencing, insurance provisions, rent management, and additional revenue streams through utility deals.

About Kamma: 

Kamma is a world-leading geospatial technology company based in the UK. It specialises in creating unique data and solutions from disparate information for the property and financial sectors. Kamma works with organisations throughout the real estate value chain, providing unique data that win new instructions, create new revenue streams and slashes the operational cost of compliance.

Contact us or book a demo now to understand how Kamma can solve property licensing for you.

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