Client Spotlight: City Relay


“Kamma is a fantastic revenue stream”

We caught up with Alice Dunn, Head of Property Management at City Relay, to hear her thoughts on using Kamma within a lean, fast-growing agency and how Kamma has helped to generate revenue as well as solving their compliance woes.

Keeping on top of changing regulation

When we sat down with Alice, she told us a very familiar tale about the struggles she’s faced dealing with complex licensing regulations. It’s an issue all growing agents have to face, as constant vigilance is required in order to keep up with the ever-changing regulatory landscape:

“I used to work for a bigger agency and they a whole team who were on this and keeping an eye on it [property licensing]. The Kamma software means that it’s taking that entire team out of the picture and I can do it myself”.

Giving that peace of mind for agents

Before partnering up Kamma, the fear of letting a property slip through the net unnoticed was a big concern for Alice. Unlike for the large national agencies who may be able to absorb a civil penalty notice of £30,000, for a small and upcoming agency like City Relay it would be absolutely devastating to the business. That responsibility is tough to shoulder for any agent, and so when the risks are that high, rigorous due diligence is needed and technology like Kamma can massively help reduce the risk of human error.

“It was a big worry for me before we took on Kamma that one was going to pop that we’d missed, and I know obviously the fines can be enormous. What used to take an indefinite amount of time, hunting and searching through council websites, now takes as little as minute. It’s way way quicker than the stress we used to deal with.”

Generating revenue with Kamma Applications

City Relay were one of the first agents to use Kamma Applications, a service that allows agents to instruct Kamma to apply for licences on their landlords behalf. With this service, agents like Alice are able to offer their landlords a truly premium service for their clients without any of the overheads.

“Kamma applications has been a great opportunity for us to create some more revenue. Where other agents just don’t want to get involved and push it back on the landlord, we can actually take control and tell them that we can do the application. This really helps us stand out from other agents.”

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